The King Center is training individuals to advocate equitable change in our nation’s and global infrastructure. We offer various training options throughout the year, including two HR Intro Courses, two Day Sessions, and specialty sessions for corporations, social justice-focused organizations, law enforcement, and schools. The training’ objectives are as follows:

Participants, especially emerging and next-generation leaders, will be involved in training, discussions, and activities to improve communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills, interrupt unconscious prejudices, and address and manage implicit biases.

Individuals and leaders from all sectors, including business, government, sports, media, law enforcement, entertainment, healthcare, education, civic, social, and faith-based organizations, will be educated as a means and tactic, based on Dr. King’s critical thinking and practical methods of peaceful social transformation for accelerating progress in social justice initiatives.

Reduce conflict, violence, tension, and community discontent in families, businesses, and communities.