Understanding the entire method is one of the finest ways to prepare for campus placement. You can better prepare for all of the processes required and feel more confident on the day of your campus placement or recruiting interviews if you do it this way.

Pre-Placement Presentation (Pre-Placement Presentation)

The process begins with this step. Companies that have come to school for placements provide presentations about their organizations during the pre-placement presentation. You learn everything there is to know about the organizations, their hiring processes, and the salary you can anticipate. Following the presentations, students are allowed to question the presenters.

Skills and abilities

You will learn about the credentials and other crucial criteria that organizations have set for hiring in this stage. Typically, firms examine just those individuals who belong to a specific educational stream and select from among them. Ensure you know which firms are interested in your education because institutions educate many disciplines, and placement drives for all fields are held concurrently.

The Written Exam

After you’ve determined which organizations you’ll be applying to, you’ll need to take an aptitude test. The test may differ depending on the position you’re seeking. However, a few tests are particular to certain educational programs. The Wheebox Graduate Employability Test, for example, is the standard test used by most businesses during engineering placement drives. This exam evaluates your coding, math, English language, and critical thinking abilities. There are many examinations for different subjects.

Discussion in a Group

Although many firms utilize this round to screen candidates, this round is not always done. A judge oversees the formation of a group of students, and the group is given a common topic to discuss. Students are evaluated on their knowledge, communication skills, confidence, leadership skills, and listening and retention abilities once the conversations begin. The newest news and current events are covered in the GD round, so brush up on your knowledge.

Interview for technical knowledge

This is an interview in which you will be tested on your knowledge of the topic you are studying and other vital technical information relevant to your vocation. This phase is often conducted one-on-one; however, if there are many students and time is limited, interviews may be held in groups.

In-depth Interview

The official interview is the last step in the process. You’ll be assessed on your confidence and ability in this round. This interview can even be referred to as a job interview. It would assist you to do well in this interview if you have done internships or worked on real industry projects. You will most likely find out if you have been chosen during this interview.

Discussion Following the Placement

If you pass the official interview, you will receive an offer letter and a post-placement conversation. You’ll be provided instructions and informed about the joining process, and you will also be notified of any other pertinent information.